South African volunteers helping, through a Christ-based approach, to feed, clothe, train and develop the under-privileged in Pretoria, and ultimately in South Africa.


To uplift the destitute community, using volunteers to do so.

To function as a charity, funded by sponsors and run by volunteers.

To serve the community through a non-denominational, non-discriminatory service to all races, ages, genders and circumstances

To build and use relationships with the destitute to facilitate missionary work.

To create sustainable solutions for unemployment and, in doing so, contribute towards alleviating crime and uplifting individuals.

To restore dignity, self-worth and humanity to individuals through the programs we provide

To work towards providing clothing, food, training and development to the community through partners and Kingdom Culture projects.

With due cognisance of the above-mentioned, we aim to make a positive contribution towards making a real difference.