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We visited Resurrection Ministries on the 25th of Aug 2018. Our hearts were just to serve these beautiful people. Our team was champions in serving them. They washed and pampered the feet of the ladies. Their toes looked gorgeous by the time our ladies were done with them and the men received haircuts. They looked so handsome.

We had a beautiful time ministering to them.
We witnessed how a man’s right ear, which was completely deaf, started hearing again
The one lady had constant voices in her head and God touched her, no more voices. We didn’t even know that she had voices in her head. Isn’t God just amazing – healing things we didn’t know to pray for!
Another lady had constant seizures and couldn’t see colour or look you in the eyes because of the seizures. God touched her and healed her. By the time we left all was gone and hadn’t returned.

You and I can’t even heal a headache, but God heals deaf ears and blind eyes and restores our lives to be brand new in His love!

Watch the video and let them tell you themselves: