Twice a year we launch big projects with large budgets. During winter we want to procure and hand out blankets and warm clothes, and in the beginning of the year we do care packages for the men to kick-start their year, after returning from their families. Thus far they these projects have always been a hugely successful.


1) The Blanket Project

From January to June this project will collect blanket sponsorships with one sole purpose: providing each homeless person we come across with a blanket no later than the beginning of June. Should you wish to give blankets rather than donating money, contact a member Kingdom Culture: OpenMind and we will arrange for the collection thereof.

2) The Care Packages

From July to December this project will collect donations with the aim of making up packages for the homeless to take home for Christmas. Every year these packages contain food, sweets and whatever we obtain from sponsors before the 15th of December.

Click Here, to find out how to make a donation.

In the winter of 2008 we were blessed to have more blankets than we could use! We could therefore bless more people by donating some of our sponsored blankets to the Jacaranda 94.2FM project. The impact of Alert Steel Pretoria North, who actively worked with the Feet on the Street team, raised resulted in 540 blankets being obtained! It was such a blessing handing these out and to see faces light up.

In December 2008 we went to Makro with more than R13 000. We asked the people on the street what they would need or like for Christmas and we ended up buying groceries – two hundred of each Item! Coffee, tea, soap, washing powder, sweeties and many more items were bought. We had to borrow bakkies to transport all of this! We were able to show the people what Christmas is REALLY about: spreading God’s love, and showing them they are loved and cared for.

2009’s Winter project followed the same modus operandi. We asked for support and the Kingdom Culture: OpenMind family helped. We received more money than we could use. And with the huge discount that Makro gave us on the blankets, we were able to bring warmth to some cold bodies on the streets of Pretoria, and warmth to some even colder hearts.

For Christmas 2009 our aim was to collect R20 000. We were planning to give each person a hamper containing approximately R100 worth of goods. However, God provided much more than that! In the end we were able to provide care packages worth more than that to about 200 people! Our friends on the street take their hampers home to rural areas to feed their families, and we were glad to make their Christmas special again!

In 2010, 2011 and 2012 God once again provided more than enough again. Each year the budget we trusted God for increased, and each year the Lord exceeded our expectations.

Kingdom Culture: OpenMind is not only about helping the people “out there”, but also about personal growth. We as a team have really grown both spiritually and in the way we see and treat people and circumstances. The people on the street have also grown through hearing the Word of God and experiencing His love for them. Many of our friends have jobs now and many are no longer homeless.