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We hosted the Burn Worship Camp, with only one objective: Worship King Jesus for all His worth. In Hebrews it captures what God did with us this weekend. For our God is a consuming fire.  Heb 12:29.  Fire has no respect. It burns anything that comes in its way. It doesn’t say, “Oh wait, this is a nice tree, I think I’ll leave it…” no it burns anything that comes in its way.

God’s fire is the same way. He comes and put’s His finger on whatever is not from Him and purifies us and leaves us with a fire burning for Him. It’s His kindness, that’s the consuming fire. It’s His mercy, that’s His consuming fire. It’s His purity, that’s His consuming fire.

We had almost double the amount of people responding to the camp than what we planned for. We were so encouraged to see how people responded in hunger to worship God the entire weekend. I witnessed how we all came in this weekend, tired and frustrated from the week before and life’s issues pressing on our shoulders. I also witnessed how by pursuing God in worship, how people where transformed and touched by the finger of God Himself. It was incredible.