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It is with an extremely thankful heart that I look back on this project. Our goal was to care for some of the homeless peoples very basic needs. I am overwhelmed by how God provided in more than what we trusted Him for. Thank you to each person that sowed into this project, those who helped with the arrangements and the ones that helped handing out. There’s more in organising such a project than what meets the eye.

The biggest reward of projects like these is to witness how people meet Jesus, get delivered from addictions and how they encounter the Holy Spirit. During a church gathering with the homeless a week after this project took place, one man told us that he wanted the video of this project to be plastered all over the internet, because his hope is that his family will see it. He said: “I want my family to know I am now a man walking with God…”

See some snippets of the evening on the link below: