Find out more about Kingdom Culture and the work that we do

In 2006, a bunch of friends went out into the streets of Pretoria to feed the homeless people sleeping in the city centre. We were relieved to find the homeless welcoming us, but also saddened by the begging for more food. Almost a year went by before we made it out again and saw exactly the same thing. However, God stirred a passion in our hearts for these people and pretty soon we had started a project called “Feed the Homeless”. A dream started developing not only to feed these people but to invest in their lives and help them beyond just that one night.

Shortly after that, we began what is today known as Kingdom Culture. It is a non-profit company (NPC (2014/159950/08) aimed at Pretoria specifically. Under the Kingdom Culture banner several other projects are run such as Feet on the Street (previously Feed the Homeless), OpenChurch and the R20 Project.

Since its start, Kingdom Culture has seen many volunteers join us and be changed by what they experienced. We are proud to say that God has birthed a handful of other ministries due to the volunteers being touched by our ministry, and they did not keep it to themselves. It is such a blessing to see how they have grown and made an impact in the name of Jesus in our city. We were able to take hands with various ministries to further the cause of everyone working towards the same goal – of helping these needy people and at the same time spreading the Gospel. We believe that we do not possess all the necessary skills or resources to help everyone everywhere, so we intend to network and get involved with other ministries and churches.

We have had many great successes and testimonies on the streets, such as infilling with the Holy Spirit, amazing sponsorship, ministering to the public and networking with other ministries.