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The “Feet on the Street” Ministry – Tuesdays 19:00-22:00, biweekly
This ministry started in 2006 and is at the very heart of Kingdom Culture. We feed and minister to homeless in the Central Business District of Pretoria every second Tuesday evening. “Feet on the Street” was birthed when we felt challenged by God to feed the homeless here and was our very first venture, before we even realised that God was going to raise us up as a ministry. Loving the homeless people have become the greatest privilege & gift in our lives and we see God do incredible things among our homeless friends.
The greatest miracle still remains a life that is transformed by the Love and Grace of God.

The Worship Centre – Sundays 16:00-20:00
A weekly gathering on Sunday evenings in Pretoria Central Business District, where we create an open platform for anyone to worship, encounter and learn more about God. We also bless attendees with a warm cooked meal afterwards and often with some other necessities too.
The Worship Centre was created to meet the need for in-depth discipleship that arose from the impact that we had from our “Feet on the Street” & other outreaches.

To teach the less fortunate and homeless community who God is, how to worship Him and how to establish a personal relationship with God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son and Holy Spirit.

– Through our informal setting and uncompromising Biblical teachings we aim to change the perception of attendees that “the church” is a structure/building, to them realising they themselves are actually the true body of Christ.
– Give each attendee the opportunity to participate in services by means of expressing themselves in worship, asking questions during sermons and exercising the gifts of the Spirit freely.
– Encounter God, restore identity in Christ and uplift self-worth to the extent of breaking addictions and strongholds, so that these sons and daughters can take their rightful place in the community.
– Identify and raise up future leaders from among the attendees, who can then in turn start their own worship centres

Cell Groups – Wednesdays 19:00-21:00, biweekly
The primary function of our cell groups are to look after the the volunteers joining us in ministry. We gather every second Wednesday evening at different allocated houses.
We want to love and equip people joining/volunteering with us in a safe environment, as we recognise that Kingdom Culture as a body need to be nourished and looked after. With an outward Kingdom focus, those that are “active in the field” should have an oasis where they can come and rest in the presence of God. Therefore being in a community, discipleship and rest is part of the mandate of our various cell groups.

Trans Oranje Weekly Ministry – Mondays 11:00-13:30
Trans Oranje is one of the many temporary shelters that the government set in place when the entire country was placed under lock-down status. We have had the opportunity to serve this community with the Word of God, Kingdom principles and teach them the power and raise them up as worshippers. The hunger and passion for God that we encounter each week when we return is so powerful that it even inspires us to go after more of Jesus.
We’ve had many testimonies come from this group and one by one we see lives being restored. We have raised up prayer leaders among some of the men living in this camp and they lead prayer among themselves every night. The results in these lives are truly something special to witness.

“Church in the Park” – Mondays 15:00-17:00

Seleste Dos Reis leads this gathering in the park where we worship, read the Bible & discuss things together. We also bless them with food afterwards and often with some necessities too.
Our heart is to find people that need Jesus and disciple them. We learn as much from our new found friends as they learn from us. In the park, we have a mixture of homeless and working people, but the one thing we all have in common is a love for Jesus. The questions that come from the people are thought provoking and it forces us to dig deeper into the word of God, which is a gift in itself.

Restoration programme

The aim of the restoration programme is to use the knowledge and experience of the “developed” Christian community to help make a way for the “homeless” community to enter into their life purpose & re-integrate into “society”. We aim to expand their understanding of God, themselves, the modern world and how to live a more meaningful life.

The programme consists of three levels of support through biblical truths & fellowship:
⦁ Basic life skills pertaining to communication, character, work, finances & health.
⦁ Identify and develop advanced life skills linked to an individual’s aspirations, calling and purpose in life
⦁ Produce leadership abilities and provide access to entrepreneurial opportunities

In each of the above stages we place emphasis on establishing and expanding the core foundational principles that influences our actions and reactions toward society such as:
⦁ Our emotions & feelings
⦁ Thought patterns
⦁ Moral & ethical frameworks
⦁ Abilities & experiences
⦁ Motivation & commitment
⦁ Soft skills
⦁ Practical skills

To progress through the levels of the programme the participant has to show growth, commitment and initiative, which will be measured as we interact and build relationship with them.

The programme is not aimed at uplifting the educational standards as seen by the world we live in, but rather to identify and grow the natural God given gifts and talents of each individual to encourage and guide them towards their specific purpose in life.
The programme is designed to be easy to implement, expand and adapt to a constantly changing audience so that each session can make an immediate difference in their lives as they implement what they have learned.
The relationship based nature of the programme also aims to use knowledge, understanding and skills already mastered by individuals in the “developed” society to uplift and upskill less privileged communities by focussing on our common denominator of Christian faith.

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